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Contributions of the direct quark mechanism are studied in the nonmesonic weak decays of light hypernuclei. The ΛN → N N transition is described by the one pion exchange mechanism and the direct quark mechanism, induced by the four-quark vertices in the effective weak Hamil-tonian. By employing a realistic wave function of the Λ inside the hypernuclei,(More)
Energy levels of the double Λ hypernucleus (ΛΛ)(11)Be are calculated within the framework of a ααnΛΛ five-body model. Interactions between constituent particles are determined so as to reproduce reasonably the observed low-energy properties of the αα, ααn nuclei and the existing data for Λ-binding energies of the αΛ, ααΛ, αnΛ, and ααnΛ systems. An effective(More)
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