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PURPOSE Members of the Japanese Biliary Atresia Society were surveyed to determine their current practice regarding early use of corticosteroids after Kasai's operation. METHODS Questions included the patient's background data, dosage, timing, complications, and outcome. Anicteric survival with the native liver was statistically compared between groups(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE A simple and objective method evaluating the bowel functions of patients with anorectal anomalies is necessary. The authors applied fecoflowmetry and saline enama test for patients with anorectal anomalies to evaluate the fecodynamics and anorectal motilities in these children. METHODS The bowel functions of 16 patients who underwent(More)
1. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is defined either as a kidney disorder (proteinuria, etc.) or as decreased kidney function with GFR (glomerular filtration rate) less than 60 mL/min/1.73 m lasting for 3 months or longer. 2. Estimated GFR (eGFR) is calculated using the following formula: eGFR (mL/min/1.73 m) = 194 9 Cr 9 Age (additional multiplication by(More)
A reflux of pancreatic juice into the biliary tract due to pancreaticobiliary maljunction has been considered to be an important factor in the development of biliary tract carcinogenesis. It is known that the contents of the biliary tract contain not only activated pancreatic enzymes but also certain mutagens. The purpose of this study was thus to isolate(More)
Idiopathic chronic constipation (ICC) is one of the most common clinical conditions in children. The pathophysiology is multifactorial and differs from case to case. To investigate the relationship between anorectal motility (ARM) and clinical course in children with ICC, anorectal function was evaluated using fecoflowmetry in nine children aged 2–14 years(More)
Congenital colonic stenosis is a rare anomaly. Congenital membranous colonic stenosis is more rare. The authors experienced a case of congenital membranous colonic stenosis that was diagnosed and treated successfully. To the authors' knowledge, congenital membranous colonic stenosis has not been reported previously in the literature.
We previously reported that a resting heart rate measured at home (home HR) of ≥70 beats per minute was a powerful predictor of the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality, and identified factors affecting home HR in the general Japanese population. The present study examines factors affecting home HR in hypertensive patients treated with antihypertensive(More)
A Z-shaped skin incision applying Kraissl's lines for a thoracotomy is presented herein. The center of the Z-shape is located on the intercostal space of the thoracotomy. Parallel Z-shaped lines are described on circular Kraissl's lines in the axillary region. The oblique cross-line of the Z-shape is drawn from the dorsal edge of the cranial line to the(More)
We report a male patient with short bowel syndrome (SBS) and renal focal tubulointerstitial fibrosis (FTIF). Seven years after surgery, he was introduced to us due to severe undernutrition, an impairment of growth hormone (GH) secretion, and abnormally low levels of plasma citrulline and arginine at 11 years 7 months of age, just before nutritional support(More)
We identified the factors associated with home blood pressure (BP) variability in 1933 patients treated with hypertensive drugs (mean age, 67 years; women, 55%). Multivariate regression analysis showed that female gender, advanced age, home BP value, and home heart rate variability were positively associated with home BP variability, whereas home heart(More)