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Active modulation of the polarization states of terahertz light is indispensable for polarization-sensitive spectroscopy, having important applications such as non-contact Hall measurements, vibrational circular dichroism measurements and anisotropy imaging. In the terahertz region, the lack of a polarization modulator similar to a photoelastic modulator in(More)
Chromosome segregation machinery is controlled by mechanochemical regulation. Tension in a mitotic spindle, which is balanced by molecular motors and polymerization-depolymerization dynamics of microtubules, is thought to be essential for determining the timing of chromosome segregation after the establishment of the kinetochore-microtubule attachments. It(More)
We measured and analyzed the electrochemical impedance of carbon nanotube (CNT) probe electrodes fabricated through the physical separation of insulated CNT bridges. The fabricated CNT electrodes were free-standing CNTs that were completely covered with an insulator, except for their tips. Typical dimensions of the nanoelectrodes were 1-10 nm in CNT(More)
A temperature sensor that uses temperature-sensitive fluorescent dyes is developed. The droplet sensor has a diameter of 40 µm and uses 1 g/L of Rhodamine B (RhB) and 0.5 g/L of Rhodamine 110 (Rh110), which are fluorescent dyes that are dissolved in an ionic liquid (1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium ethyl sulfate) to function as temperature indicators. This ionic(More)
We propose a strain measurement method utilizing light scattered by a pair of nano-disks onto an elastomer sheet. Such nanoparticle pairs exhibit a scattering spectrum that is dependent on the gap distance and the incident light polarization. We utilized this behavior by forming nano-disk pairs with a diameter of 105 nm and a gap of 20-50 nm on a(More)
We present a near-infrared (NIR) spectrum measurement method using a Schottky photodetector enhanced by surface plasmon resonance (SPR). An Au grating was fabricated on an n-type silicon wafer to form a Schottky barrier and act as an SPR coupler. The resulting photodetector provides wavelength-selective photodetection depending on the SPR coupling angle. A(More)
Scanning near-field optical microscopes (SNOMs) with fluorescence-based probes are promising tools for evaluating the optical characteristics of nanoaperture devices used for biological investigations, and this article reports on the development of a microfabricated fluorescence-based SNOM probe with a piezoresistor. The piezoresistor was built into a(More)
We propose a method to measure light transmittance of layered metamaterials by placing the metamaterials directly on a Si photodiode. Our measurement method enables the direct detection of transmitted light that appears as an evanescent wave in natural materials. Here, we report the transmittance measurements of a typical metamaterial using this method. The(More)
We propose a reconfigurable terahertz (THz) metamaterial that can control the transmittance by out-of-plane actuation with changing the sub-micron gap distance between electrically coupled metamaterial elements. By using the out-of-plane actuation, it was possible to avoid contact between the coupled metamaterial elements across the small initial gap during(More)
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