Tetsuo Ideguchi

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Given the limited channel capacity in wireless LANs, it is important to achieve high throughput and good fairness through medium access control (MAC) schemes. Although many schemes have been proposed to enhance throughput or fairness of the original IEEE 802.11 standard, they either fail to consider both throughput and fairness, or to do so with complicated(More)
Wireless mobile networks that do not have infrastructure or centralized administration, known as the ad hoc networks, have received considerable attention in the last few years. The salient characteristics of such networks - time-varying topology and lack of centralized control design - have made medium access control design more complicated and(More)
Wireless Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) have received considerable attention in the last few years. Most research works focus on single-channel MANETs with a single power-level in order to simplify the network design and analysis. How to take advantage of multiple channels and multiple power levels in MANETs poses a serious challenging problem. Recently, a(More)
In recent years, much work has been done on ITS, which is proved to be an effect method to improve transport system. In this paper, we focus on improving the safety of driving vehicles by a novel effective communication system. We consider a consensus formation on vehicle group. We propose WDDP (Wireless Direct Distribution Protocol) that has a group(More)