Tetsuo Hattori

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SUMMARY In this paper, we examine oscillatory modes generated by the Hopf bifurcations of equilibrium points except for the origin in a system of coupled four oscillators. (The bifurcation analyses of the origin for many coupled oscillators were already done.) The Hopf bifurcations of the equilibrium points with strong symmetrical property and the generated(More)
This paper presents a proposal to reconstruct some specific towns which were attacked and destroyed by Huge Tsunami, for example, in Tohoku region of Japan on the 11th of March, 2011. A collaborative approach has been employed to provide some trial proposal to reconstruct such damaged towns by means of Internet Community as follows. (1) Providing a proposal(More)
A distributed multiple server system is designed and implemented with Web-DB based services for distance learning as well as emergency communication. The system has employed multiple servers located in a distributed campus network environment. Each server of the system has multi-core processors. With so-called “server virtualization” technology, some(More)