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The IRSF Magellanic Clouds Point Source Catalog
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A spectroscopic study of the Dr 21 outflow source. III - The CO line emission
New, high-angular resolution observations of 12 CO, 13 CO, C 18 O J = 1-0 and H 33 α hydrogen recombination line emission from the energetic DR 21 outflow are presented and discussed. TheExpand
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A large-scale CO survey of the galactic center
We present high-resolution CO images of the Galactic center region taken with the 2 × 2 focal-plane array receiver mounted on the 45 m telescope of Nobeyama Radio Observatory. We have collected aboutExpand
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CO (J = 2-1) Line Observations of the Galactic Center Molecular Cloud Complex. II Dynamical Structure and Physical Conditions
A large-scale 12C16O (J = 2-1) survey of the inner few hundred parsecs of the Galaxy has been conducted using the University of Tokyo-Nobeyama Radio Observatory 60 cm survey telescope. We have takenExpand
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Statistical properties of molecular clouds in the galactic center
The data from the Nobeyama Radio Observatory 45 m telescope Galactic Center CO survey have been analyzed to generate a compilation of molecular clouds with intense CO emission in this region. CloudsExpand
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An Out-of-Plane CO (J = 2-1) Survey of the Milky Way. II. Physical Conditions of Molecular Gas
Physical conditions of molecular gas in the first quadrant of the Galaxy are examined through comparison of the CO J = 2-1 data of the Tokyo-Nobeyama Radio Observatory survey with the CO J = 1-0 dataExpand
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Molecular Cloud Cores in the Orion A Cloud. I. Nobeyama CS (1--0) Survey
A first high-resolution survey of molecular cloud cores in the Orion A giant molecular cloud is reported. We identified 125 molecular cloud cores from an analysis of the spatial and velocityExpand
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