Tetsuki Taniguchi

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SUMMARY A baseband transmission scheme for wireless communications has been proposed and examined using a pair of discone antennas for transmission and reception. The wireless baseband transmission scheme radiates a baseband signal stream, such as non-return-to-zero (NRZ), return-to-zero (RZ), or Manchester encoded signals, directly from an antenna. Namely,(More)
SUMMARY This paper introduces a novel MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) communication system having orthogonal dual polarization diversity branches. We have designed a dual polarized circular patch antenna which has two orthogonal polarization ports such as vertical polarization (V) and horizontal polarization (H) on its metal surface. This design makes(More)
SUMMARY Nowadays, MIMO systems are playing an important role in wireless communications. In this paper, we propose a spatial-temporal adaptive MIMO beamforming scheme for single carrier transmission in frequency-selective fading channels with the assumption of perfect channel state information (CSI) at both the transmitter and receiver. The transmit and(More)