Tetsuji Yoshida

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It has been pointed out that the hard structure of an EVA glove deteriorates e±ciency of tasks in the space environment. We also found a claim that an EVA glove did not allow an astronaut to acquire contact information at the ¯ngertips. In the study, we proposed a SkilMate Hand for space EVA gloves which has both a tactile media and a power assist devices.(More)
In this paper, we will present an overview and the results of the teleoperation experiments of our truss structure experiment on the Engineering Test Satellite 7, that have been done from last March 1998. The major purpose of our experiment is to establish the basic and advanced teleoperation technology that will be useful for on-orbit truss construction(More)
In this paper, we consider a ramp scheme for Key Predistribution System (KPS). In the ramp scheme, it can be regarded as one kind of generalization of KPS, and the required resources can be reduced at the cost of a security degradation which depends on the size of users. We define a ramp scheme for KPS, show lower bound on the amount of user' s information(More)
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