Tetsuji Tsuchikawa

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Recently, information and communication technologies have been developing rapidly. Dielectric materials for microwave and milliwave devices have been widely investigated. In particular, (Ba, Sr)TiO<sub>3</sub> (BST) is expected to be utilized for these devices since BST has high permittivity at high frequencies and nonlinear properties. We have developed a(More)
Barium strontium titanate (Ba<sub>x</sub>Sr<sub>1-x</sub>)TiO<sub>3</sub> films are expected to be utilized for microwave integrated circuit devices; therefore, the preparation of highly crystalline BST films has been investigated. In this study, we attempted to prepare (Ba<sub>x</sub>Sr<sub>1-x</sub>)TiO<sub>3</sub> films on MgO and sapphire substrates by(More)
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