Tetsuji Tonda

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The Mus81-Eme1 complex is a structure-specific endonuclease that preferentially cleaves nicked Holliday junctions, 3'-flap structures and aberrant replication fork structures. Mus81-/- mice have been shown to exhibit spontaneous chromosomal aberrations and, in one of two models, a predisposition to cancers. The molecular mechanisms underlying its role in(More)
Sulfur mustard, an agent used in chemical warfare, is an alkylating substance with carcinogenic potential. However, the precise long-term carcinogenic effects of mustard gas are unclear. Since 1952, the authors have conducted health surveys of former workers who were employed from 1929 to 1945 in a poisonous gas factory in Okuno-jima, Hiroshima, Japan. This(More)
There is a need for accurate dosimetry for studies of health effects in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors because of the important role that these studies play in worldwide radiation protection standards. International experts have developed dosimetry systems, such as the Dosimetry System 2002 (DS02), which assess the initial radiation exposure to gamma(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to investigate the cardiac phase with the least interscan variability and motion artifacts on coronary artery calcium studies using a 64-MDCT scanner. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Ninety-one patients with suspected coronary artery disease were scanned twice on retrospective ECG-gated helical scans. Images with 2.5-mm(More)
Herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV-tk)/gancyclovir (GCV) therapy has the ability to inhibit tumor formation in animal models but the results of clinical trials have been disappointing. To improve the performance of tk/GCV therapy, we tried combination therapy designed to enhance its cytotoxic effects by introducing genes that induce apoptosis of the(More)
While there is a considerable number of studies on the relationship between the risk of disease or death and direct exposure from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the risk for indirect exposure caused by residual radioactivity has not yet been fully evaluated. One of the reasons is that risk assessments have utilized estimated radiation doses, but that it is(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer mortality is increasing with the aging of the population in Japan. Cancer information obtained through feasible methods is therefore becoming the basis for planning effective cancer control programs. There are three time-related factors affecting cancer mortality, of which the cohort effect is one. Past descriptive epidemiologic studies(More)
This paper is concerned with the null distribution of the likelihood ratio statistic for testing the equality of variances of q nonnormal populations. It is known that the null distribution of this statistic converges to w q 1 under normality. We extend this result by obtaining an asymptotic expansion under general conditions. Numerical accuracies are(More)
We consider a two-phase Poisson process model where only early successive transitions are assumed to be sensitive to exposure. In the case where intensity transitions are low, we derive analytically an approximate formula for the distribution of time to event for the excess hazard ratio (EHR) due to a single point exposure. The formula for EHR is a(More)
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