Tetsuji Kuboyama

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Haussler's convolution kernel provides an effective framework for engineering positive semidefinite kernels, and has a wide range of applications. On the other hand, the mapping kernel that we introduce in this paper is its natural generalization, and will enlarge the range of application significantly. Our main theorem with respect to positive(More)
The notion of metabolic closure is presented and analyzed in terms of Robert Rosen’s theory of (M,R) systems. Recent results concerning (M,R) systems are reviewed, specially those defining self-referential equations like f(f) = f . We relate (M,R) systems to Autopoiesis, another theory centered on metabolic closure, and we speculate how an algebraic view of(More)
Feature selection is a useful tool for identifying which features, or attributes, of a dataset cause or explain phenomena, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of learning algorithms for discovering such phenomena. Consequently, feature selection has been studied intensively in machine learning research. However, advanced feature selection algorithms(More)