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Haussler's convolution kernel provides a successful framework for engineering new positive semidefinite kernels, and has been applied to a wide range of data types and applications. In the framework, each data object represents a finite set of finer grained components. Then, Haussler's convolution kernel takes a pair of data objects as input, and returns(More)
Feature selection is a useful tool for identifying which features, or attributes, of a dataset cause or explain phenomena, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of learning algorithms for discovering such phenomena. Consequently, feature selection has been studied intensively in machine learning research. However, advanced feature selection algorithms(More)
Serial computed tomographic (CT) studies were performed in 48 patients with brain contusion. Traumatic intracerebral haematoma (TIH) had developed within 6 hours in 56% of the cases, within 12 hours in 81% and 100% within 24 hours from the onset. TIH reached its maximal size in 84% of the cases within 12 hours. The incidence of the appearance of TIH from(More)
For measurement of the cerebral blood flow (CBF) the thermal diffusion method is quite convenient and allows the chronological measurement of CBF and CO2 reactivity of cerebral vessels. We investigated the CO2 reactivity of fifteen head injury patients. The results showed that in head injury cases, the disturbance of the CO2 reactivity correlates well to(More)
Using transcranial Doppler ultrasonography, we measured in 6 healthy young men cerebral blood flow velocity (CBFV) in the middle cerebral artery as well as oxygen saturation by a non-invasive method. Continuous recordings were taken starting from a point before the onset of sleep, throughout the duration of normal nighttime sleep, ending after awakening.(More)
Positron emission tomography is currently one of the most useful methods for measurements of cerebral hemodynamics and oxygen metabolism, because it facilitates accurate analysis of the local cerebral circulation in three-dimensional quantitative images. In this study, we performed positron emission tomography studies to measure cerebral circulation in a(More)
We propose a novel general-purpose tree kernel and apply it to glycan structure analysis. Our kernel measures the similarity between two labeled trees by counting the number of common q-length substrings (tree q-grams) embedded in the trees for all possible lengths q. We apply our tree kernel using a support vector machine (SVM) to classification and(More)
The notion of metabolic closure is presented and analyzed in terms of Robert Rosen's theory of (M, R) systems. Recent results concerning (M, R) systems are reviewed, specially those defining self-referential equations like f (f) = f. We relate (M, R) systems to Autopoiesis, another theory centered on metabolic closure, and we speculate how an algebraic view(More)