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Mouse spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) can be cultured for multiplication and maintained for long periods while preserving their spermatogenic ability. Although the cultured SSCs, named germline stem (GS) cells, are targets of genome modification, this process remains technically difficult. In the present study, we tested TALEN and double-nicking(More)
Cancer treatments, either chemo-or radiother-apy, may cause severe damage to gonads which could lead to the infertility of patients. In post-pubertal male patients, semen cryopreservation is recommended to preserve the potential to have their own biological children in the future; however, it is not applicable to prepubertals. The preservation of testis(More)
In contrast to cell cultures, particularly to cell lines, tissues or organs removed from the body cannot be maintained for long in any culture conditions. Although it is apparent that in vivo regional homeostasis is facilitated by the microvascular system, mimicking such a system ex vivo is difficult and has not been proved effective. Using the culture(More)
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