Tetsuhiro Sumimoto

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A B S T R A C T This paper describes the accurate shape inspection method of 3-D objects. To make measurement more precisely, we introduce a newly developed composite image sensor system. The image u n i t of the proposed system has two different type image sensors, area and line types. i t is so dcsigncd that i t s pixel composition is overlapped(More)
This paper deals with the detection of the rescue target as a particular object from motion images under bad condition. When shipwrecks occur, the searching activities for rescue is done by using an airplane. The detection of the rescue target such as life rafts depends on visual search of human eyes, To detect a small rescue target in the wide sea,(More)
CONVENTIONAL SURFACE INSPECTION We have developed a new apparatus to cope W I T H LASER BEAM. with the surface inspection of products having even undulating or stepped surfaces. To realize such surface inspection, we combined the three dimensi~nal shape measurement through laser beam scanning and the flaw and defwct identification t h m u g h diffraction(More)
A Stereoscopic microscope is widely used in a micre between the object and the needle is derived. The mi-manipulation such as to operate genes and to inspect integration circuits. As in these tasks the micromanipulation is handled and makes too heavy burden to operators, it is desirable to perform cromanipulator is controlled to make this error signal to(More)
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