Tetsuhiko Tachikawa

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Array-based comparative genomic hybridization (array-CGH) has good potential for the high-throughput identification of genetic aberrations in cell genomes. In the course of a program to screen a panel of 21 oral squamous-cell carcinoma (OSCC) cell lines for genome-wide copy-number aberrations by array-CGH using our in-house bacterial artificial chromosome(More)
Organ replacement regenerative therapy is purported to enable the replacement of organs damaged by disease, injury or aging in the foreseeable future. Here we demonstrate fully functional hair organ regeneration via the intracutaneous transplantation of a bioengineered pelage and vibrissa follicle germ. The pelage and vibrissae are reconstituted with(More)
Cdc42, a member of the Rho subfamily of small GTPases, is known to be a regulator of multiple cellular functions, including cytoskeletal organization, cell migration, proliferation, and apoptosis. However, its tissue-specific roles, especially in mammalian limb development, remain unclear. To investigate the physiological function of Cdc42 during limb(More)
Salivary gland hypofunction, also known as xerostomia, occurs as a result of radiation therapy for head cancer, Sjögren's syndrome or aging, and can cause a variety of critical oral health issues, including dental decay, bacterial infection, mastication dysfunction, swallowing dysfunction and reduced quality of life. Here we demonstrate the full functional(More)
OBJECTIVE To use microdissection and DNA microarray technology to demonstrate differences in gene expression between epithelial and stromal areas in the proliferative human endometrium. DESIGN Pilot study. SETTING University hospital. PATIENT(S) Patients with normal menstrual cycles and at least one previous intrauterine pregnancy. INTERVENTION(S)(More)
It is well known that mastication has a significant influence on mandibular growth and development, but the mechanism behind this effect has not yet been clarified. Furthermore, no studies have examined the effects of changes in mastication on the three-dimensional (3D) morphometry of the mandible. The aim of the present study was to investigate the(More)
Sleep bruxism is a sleep-related movement disorder that can be responsible for various pains and dysfunctions in the orofacial region. The aim of the current case-control association study was to investigate the association of genetic, psychological and behavioral factors with sleep bruxism in a Japanese population. Non-related participants were recruited(More)
INTRODUCTION Mandibular growth is believed to be strongly related to mastication. Furthermore, mandibular condylar cartilage is known to be derived from neural crest cells. We examined whether the degree of chewing affects condylar cartilage growth of the mandible. METHODS Mice were fed diets with varying hardness. Genes specific to neural crest-derived(More)
AIMS The balance between matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their tissue inhibitors (TIMPs) is involved in the morphogenesis of normal salivary gland as well as in the mechanisms of tumour invasion and metastasis. The role of MMPs and TIMPs in pleomorphic adenoma has not been elucidated sufficiently. Our aim was to analyse the mRNA and protein expression(More)
Endometriosis is considered to be a possible precancerous disease. Pathologically, we observed malignant transformation of endometriosis to clear cell carcinoma or endometriotic carcinoma of the ovary, via the step of atypical endometriosis. Pathological changes reflected genetic alterations. In cases of clear cell carcinoma, we assessed K-ras mutations in(More)