Tetsuharu Yuge

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Supramolecular hidden chirality of hydrogen-bonded (HB) networks of primary ammonium carboxylates was exposed by advanced graph set analysis from a symmetric viewpoint in topology. The ring-type HB (R-HB) networks are topologically regarded as faces, and therefore exhibit prochirality and positional isomerism due to substituents attached on the faces. To(More)
The supramolecular chirality of 1D ladder-type hydrogen-bond networks composed of primary ammonium carboxylates was determined based on topological considerations. Chirality in such networks is based on the absolute configuration of the primary ammonium cation, which arises from discrimination between the two oxygen atoms of the carboxylate anion. The(More)
Hierarchical classification and single-crystal X-ray analysis of unique pseudo-cubic hydrogen-bond networks composed of primary ammonium carboxylates were carried out. The networks consist of four carboxylate anions and four primary ammonium cations at the corners of the cube, and twelve charge-assisted N--H...O hydrogen bonds on the sides of the cube. The(More)
Functions of clusters in nano or sub-nano scale significantly depend on not only kinds of their components but also arrangements, or symmetry, of their components. Therefore, the arrangements in the clusters have been precisely characterized, especially for metal complexes. Contrary to this, characterizations of molecular arrangements in supramolecular(More)
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