Tetsuaki Suzuki

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In recent years there have been great expectations of biometric authentication in view of increasing vicious crimes and terrorist threats. Biometric authentication is the automatic identification or identity verification of an individual based on physiological or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint, iris, face, vein, voice, and so on. These kinds(More)
A new high dynamic range rendering (HDRR) suitable for YUV images is presented. The method overcomes the problem on saturation decrease caused by the conventional HDRRs for YUV images. U and V components are corrected with an approximating function that is designed to preserve the metric chroma in CIELAB before and after an HDRR. The function is derived(More)
In this study, we aim to achieve path-planning for firefighter robots in large petrochemical complexes. In large environments, path-planning (e.g., Hybrid A*) requires a large computation memory and a long execution time. These constrains are not feasible for firefighter robots. In order to overcome these two challenges, we propose a two-stage hybrid A*(More)
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