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Freqtric Drums is a new musical, corporal electronic instrument that allows us not only to recover face-to-face communication, but also makes possible body-to-body communication so that a self image based on the sense of being a separate body can be significant altered through an openness to and even a sense of becoming part of another body. Freqtric Drums(More)
In this paper, we present the first stage of our video game prototype which treats skin contact as controller input. Skin contact is communication which has special emotion. Video game also has elements of communication, for instance, Family Computer [Nintendo 1983] has two controllers in order that family or friends can play the game together. We use these(More)
We developed original solenoid actuator units with several built-in sensors, and produced a box-shaped musical interface " PocoPoco " using 16 units of them as a universal in-put/output device. We applied up-and-down movement of the solenoid-units and user's intuitive input to musical interface. Using transformation of the physical interface, we can apply(More)
"Thermo-Pict neo" is a design apparatus produced by applying temperature visualization technology linked to an information display with the use of a thermograph sheet. Thermography is used to visualize the surface temperature of objects through their depiction as colors. This technology has been used primarily in the medical and research fields.(More)
Today a tremendous amount of audio and visual information is stuffed onto the flat displays of smart phones. It is no doubt a very convenient age, but a little bit uniform. Our research focuses on interfaces with dynamic movements and interfaces that can change their own shape dynamically [1][2]. We have developed a box-shaped device called <i>PocoPoco</i>(More)
The geospatial web --- exemplified by the popularity of Google Maps --- has democratised the accessibility of geospatial data that was previously available only to those with expertise in GIS (Geographic information systems). This increased accessibility has resulted in critical information---such as the location of bushfires in Australia --- being made(More)
"Thermo-Paradox" is a thermal design display device to use the thermal tactile Physiological illusions that can interactively present patterns of warm and cool temperatures. The technological success of a compact 80-pixel, 9-inch thermal display allows text information to be conveyed by temperature, which has never before been achieved, and the device(More)