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Alternate polarization modulation has been proposed for long-distance 10-Gbit/s-based wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission systems to suppress SPM-GVD effect. In the 6000-km transmission, the allowable accumulated dispersion, which determines the available WDM bandwidth, was increased by 40% by adopting this scheme.
A demonstration study on Information Technology (IT) field monitoring was conducted in a rice field under the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) environment in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The IT system used in this study consisted of an intelligent sensor node web-server that is equipped with in situ camera and sensor networks for(More)
We experimentally confirmed the effectiveness of chromatic dispersion compensation by overlap frequency-domain equalization in real-time digital signal processing for a 127 Gb/s polarization-multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying (PM-QPSK) signal up to 56,200 ps/nm. We verified a penalty lower than 0.55 dB for accumulated dispersion over a 3350 km(More)
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