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AIM To assess the role of endogenous lactoferrin (LF) in the formation of the molecular phenotype of human breast cancer (BC) cell lines with varying degrees of malignancy, including cisplatin/doxorubicin resistant cell lines, and identify possible impact of exogenous LF. MATERIALS AND METHODS 5 breast cell lines of different origin - MCF-10 A, MCF-7,(More)
AIM To explore effects of Artemisinin on a series of breast cancer cells with different sensitivity to typical cytotoxic drugs (doxorubicin - Dox; cisplatin - DDP) and to investigate possible artemisinin-induced modification of the mechanisms of drug resistance. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was performed on wild-type breast cancer MCF-7 cell line(More)
AIM To analyze expression of miRNA in human breast cancer cells, sensitive and resistant to cisplatin and doxorubicin, and to explore possible modification of drug sensitivity via treatment of cells with 5-azacytidine (5-aza), a demethylating agent. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was performed on wild-type MCF-7 cell line (MCF-7/S) and its two sublines(More)
AIM To assess the influence of the treatment with 5-azacytidine (5-aza) on the profile of metal-containing proteins and factors of their regulation in Guerin carcinoma cells in vivo. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was conducted on Wistar rats transplanted with wild-type Guerin carcinoma (Guerin/WT) and its strains resistant to cisplatin (Guerin/CP) or(More)
Effects of the nanocomposite and its components (magnetic fluid, cisplatin) on the level of endogenous iron exchange and the key links of genetic and epigenetic regulation of apoptotic program of sensitive and resistant MCF-7 cells were examined. We showed genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of action of nanocomposite of magnetic fluid and cisplatin.(More)
AIM To search for additional molecular-biological markers of cancer stem cell (CSC) involved in the development of intra-tumor heterogeneity for the detection of features of the breast cancer (BC) pathogenesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Expression of estrogen receptors (ER), progesterone receptors (PR), Her2/neu, E- and N-cadherin, CD24, CD44, Bcl-2, Bax,(More)
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