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Oscillations are an important aspect of neuronal activity. Interestingly, oscillatory patterns are also observed in behaviour, such as in visual performance measures after the presentation of a brief sensory event in the visual or another modality. These oscillations in visual performance cycle at the typical frequencies of brain rhythms, suggesting that(More)
In classic visual pop-out search, response times are slowed remarkably when participants are required to precisely identify (e.g., vertical vs. horizontal orientation) as compared to simply localize (e.g., left vs. right position) a feature singleton target. This cost associated with stimulus identification has been recently proposed (Töllner, Rangelov, &(More)
In research on visual working memory (WM), a contentiously debated issue concerns whether or not items are stored independently of one another in WM. Here we addressed this issue by exploring the role of the physical context that surrounds a given item in the memory display in the formation of WM representations. In particular, we employed bilateral memory(More)
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