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Laboratory cross-sectional assays are useful for the estimation of HIV incidence, but are known to misclassify individuals with long-standing infection as recently infected. The false recent rate (FRR) varies widely across geographic areas; therefore, accurate estimates of HIV incidence require a locally defined FRR. We determined FRR for Botswana, where(More)
Fetal tissues and placenta from a third trimester Mediterranean miniature donkey (Equus asinus) abortion were submitted to the Washington State University, Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory for abortion diagnosis. Microscopic examination of formalin-fixed tissues revealed multifocal necrotizing placentitis. Several cells within the necrotic(More)
SerpinB1 is among the most efficient inhibitors of neutrophil serine proteases--NE, CG, and PR-3--and we investigated here its role in neutrophil development and homeostasis. We found that serpinB1 is expressed in all human bone marrow leukocytes, including stem and progenitor cells. Expression levels were highest in the neutrophil lineage and peaked at the(More)
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