Tessa Beelen

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Using a combination of gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and selected ion recording techniques, we have identified nicotine and its major metabolite, continine, in the breast fluid of nonlactating women smokers. As little as 25 picograms could be measured by using the deuterated variants, [5',5'-2H]nicotine and [3,3-2H]cotinine, both as internal(More)
The gallium(III)-containing heteropolytungstates [Ga4(H2O)10(β-XW9O33)2](6-) (X = As(III), 1; Sb(III), 2) were synthesized in aqueous acidic medium by reaction of Ga(3+) ions with the trilacunary, lone-pair-containing [XW9O33](9-). Polyanions 1 and 2 are isostructural and crystallized as the hydrated sodium salts Na6[Ga4(H2O)10(β-AsW9O33)2]·28H2O (Na-1) and(More)
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