Teruyuki Shiraki

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Delta-Sigma modulators are often utilized to convert analog signals into digital signals. The quantization error of a Delta-Sigma modulator can be reduced by oversampling. However, oversampling increases the number of bits per time if the same number of bits are assigned to each output of the quantizer. Due to limited bandwidth, the rate-distortion relation(More)
A ∆Σ modulator that is often utilized to convert analog signals into digital signals can be modeled as a static uniform quantizer with an error feedback filter. In this paper, we present a rate-distortion analysis of quantizers with error feedback including the ∆Σ modulators, assuming that the error owing to overloading in the static quantizer is(More)
Quantization is a fundamental process in digital signal processing. <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX"> $\Delta \Sigma$</tex-math></inline-formula> modulators are often utilized for quantization, which can be easily implemented with static uniform quantizers and error feedback filters. In this paper, we analyze the mean squared quantization error of(More)
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