Teruyuki Hara

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is presented on the following pages in the format requested by IEEE and is copyright IEEE. Abstract-The paper describes the development of a new type of radar system called Chaotic Signal Radar (CSR), which utilises truly random signals for the modulation and a novel Implicit Sampling Averaging algorithm in the receiver. The paper presents the results of(More)
Derivation of monopulse angle accuracy for phased array radar to achieve Cramer-Rao lower bound is presented in this paper. Antenna element positions originating from antenna center are used for difference beam taper in this monopulse angle estimation. For uniform linear array, the accuracy is 1.16 times higher than conventional monopulse method. In other(More)
We investigated the actual factor determining the softening effect of a fabric softener. The adsorption area of the softener on model cotton cloths and yarns was identified using bromophenol blue. There was almost no softener at the cross-points of the yarns in the cloth samples or in the inner part of the yarns. The softening performance was better when(More)
In order to develop a novel controlled-release material, we previously attempted to impregnate poly(L-lactide) (poly(L-LA)), poly(L-LA-ran-CL) (CL: ε-caprolactone) or poly(L-LA-ran-TEMC) (TEMC: tetramethylene carbonate) with low boiling point, organic useful compounds using supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) as the solvent. In this work, the factors(More)
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