Teruyoshi Washizawa

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Human eye movement mechanisms (saccades) are very useful for scene analysis, including object representation and pattern recognition. A Hopfield neural network for emulating saccades is proposed. The network uses an energy function that includes location and identification tasks. Computer simulation shows that the network performs those tasks cooperatively.(More)
In topology optimization, the design parameter of the element that does not give any contribution to the objective function vanishes. This causes the stiffness matrix to become singular. To avoid the breakdown caused by this singularity, the previous studies employ some additional procedures. These additional procedures, however, have some problems. On the(More)
In this paper, we therefore propose an integrated delivery and caching system for streaming media, where each stream is divided into segments and these segments are distributed among hierarchically distributed cache servers. Abstract—The emergence of the Internet as a pervasive communication medium has led to the rise of many applications of streaming(More)
The efficient distribution of stored information has become a major concern in the Internet. Since the web workload characteristics shows that more than 60% of network traffic is caused by image documents, how to efficiently distribute image documents from servers to end clients is an important issue. Proxy cache is an efficient solution to reduce network(More)
The ILU-based preconditioning methods in previous work have their own parameters to improve their performances. Although the parameters may degrade the performance, their determination is left to users. Thus, these previous methods are not reliable in practical computer-aided engineering use. This paper proposes a novel ILU-based preconditioner called the(More)
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