Teruyoshi Hatanaka

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Five children with epilepsy with "continuous spike-waves during slow sleep" (CSWS) are reported. The main clinical features of CSWS include (a) onset between 5 and 7 years of age, (b) the occurrence of several types of seizure (i.e., partial motor, generalized motor, and atypical absence), and (c) the presence of language disturbances and abnormal behavior(More)
We studied a case of Lesch-Nyhan syndrome with delayed onset of self-mutilation. Athetotic cerebral palsy and mental retardation were diagnosed at 1 year old, but the disease was not suspected until age 8 years when he began biting his lips and fingers. There was no obvious alteration of catecholamine in urine and CSF. We attempted to induce a series of(More)
The first known demonstration of tunable terahertz-wave generation by difference-frequency generation of dual signal-wave quasi-phase-matched optical parametric oscillation was performed with periodically poled LiNbO(3) (PPLN) with a series of gratings. An organic ionic salt, 4-dimethylamino-N-methyl-4-stilbazolium-tosylate (DAST), was used as a nonlinear(More)
We have demonstrated, for the first time to our knowledge, periodic poling of a 2-mm-thick near-stoichiometric LiTaO(3) substrate and its operation in a nanosecond optical parametric oscillator. Because the coercive field of stoichiometric LiTaO(3) is ~2 kV/mm , which is approximately one tenth that of the conventional congruent field, periodic poling of(More)
We studied the electrically and mechanically elicited blink reflexes in 2 groups of subjects, i.e., 237 newborn infants, 25-41 weeks of conceptional age, and 74 children, 1 month-12 years of age. In infants after 25 weeks of conceptional age we could usually induce the early response (R1) and ipsilateral late response (R2), while the contralateral late(More)
This paper proposes a NAND controller system with a NAND channel number detector for 3D-integrated SSD. The control techniques of a program-voltage generator and an I/O frequency are proposed to enhance the SSD performance. This paper presents the solutions for the problems such as the rising time degradation and the increased power consumption caused by(More)
The developmental changes of the ipsilateral and contralateral auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) were studied in 105 normal infants and children. In both ipsilateral and contralateral recordings, the peak and interpeak latencies shortened with increasing age, while the amplitudes of wave V had a tendency to become higher. Contralateral ABR amplitudes were(More)