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In ad hoc networks, it is effective that each mobile host creates replicas of data items held by other mobile hosts for improving data accessibility. When a mobile host requests a data item (replica) held by another mobile host, it usually uses the shortest path for the data transmission. In this case, mobile hosts at the center of the network relay many(More)
In mobile sensor networks with a small number of nodes, because nodes' radio communication range does not cover the whole sensing area, every node has to move closer to the data sink to deliver its sensed data. Thus, the power consumption to deliver the sensed data to the data sink becomes large. In this paper, we propose two novel methods that nodes(More)
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the broadcast database system, where the server periodically broadcasts contents of a database to mobile clients such as PDAs. There are three query processing methods in the broadcast database system: (i) the server processes a query and then broadcasts the query result to the client; (ii) the(More)
The size and complexity of large-scale distributed embedded systems such as automotive and process controls have increased recently. Sophisticated systems that are safe and environmentally friendly require numerous types of sensor data, which are collected from various devices and sent to computers through networks. To develop such large-scale distributed(More)
Cellular phones are widely used to access the Web. However, most available Web pages are designed for desktop PCs, and it is inconvenient to browse these large Web pages on a cellular phone with a small screen and poor interfaces. Users who carry cellular phones browse Web pages in various situations. Therefore, appropriate browsing styles are different(More)
In this paper, we present a study on association rule mining based on real POS data from a SME (small and medium enterprise). Our main contribution is proposing a new criterion, called R-repeat, to evaluate the significance of rules by focusing attention to the purchase pattern repeated by a certain customer. We also focus on detecting a special customer(More)
Recent advance in robotics technology has led to an increasing interest in mobile sensor networks that are constructed by sensor nodes with a moving facility (mobile sensors). Until now, we have proposed an effective mobile sensor control method, named DATFM (Data Acquisition and Transmission with Fixed and Mobile Node), for sparse sensor networks. DATFM(More)
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