Teruo Hashimoto

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The mechanism of the Brust-Schiffrin gold nanoparticle synthesis has been investigated through the use of ion transfer voltammetry at the water/1,2-dichloroethane (DCE) solution interface, combined with X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) of the reaction between [AuCl4](-) and thiol (RSH) in homogeneous toluene (TL) solution. Ion transfer calculations(More)
The high-order structure of human chromosomes is an important biological question that is still under investigation. Studies have been done on imaging human mitotic chromosomes using mostly 2-D microscopy methods. To image micron-sized human chromosomes in 3-D, we developed a procedure for preparing samples for serial block-face scanning electron microscopy(More)
There is a potential for silver nanowires (AgNWs) to be inhaled, but there is little information on their health effects and their chemical transformation inside the lungs in vivo. We studied the effects of short (S-AgNWs; 1.5 μm) and long (L-AgNWs; 10 μm) nanowires instilled into the lungs of Sprague-Dawley rats. S- and L-AgNWs were phagocytosed and(More)
The human genetic material is packaged into 46 chromosomes. The structure of chromosomes is known at the lowest level, where the DNA chain is wrapped around a core of eight histone proteins to form nucleosomes. Around a million of these nucleosomes, each about 11 nm in diameter and 6 nm in thickness, are wrapped up into the complex organelle of the(More)
Mechanical serial block face scanning electron microscopy (SBFSEM) has emerged as a means of obtaining three dimensional (3D) electron images over volumes much larger than possible by focused ion beam (FIB) serial sectioning and at higher spatial resolution than achievable with conventional X-ray computed tomography (CT). Such high resolution 3D electron(More)
Lithium carbonate and lithium oxalate were incorporated as leachable corrosion inhibitors in model organic coatings for the protection of AA2024-T3. The coated samples were artificially damaged with a scribe. It was found that the lithium-salts are able to leach from the organic coating and form a protective layer in the scribe on AA2024-T3 under neutral(More)
The authors have previously shown that electrical trees in unfilled polymers can be three-dimensionally (3D) imaged using X-ray computed tomography (XCT) or serial blockface scanning electron microscopy (SBFSEM). Here, we present the results of 3D imaging and analysis of electrical trees in filled epoxy systems for the first time. Electrical trees created(More)
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