Teruko Yamamoto

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A new, simple, rapid and sensitive method for the determination of ?-aminobutylic acid (GABA) has been developed by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection (LCEC). A new and unique technique for LCEC by using the reductive-oxidative mode of a dual electrochemical detector provided a simple and sensitive assay method for GABA.(More)
This article reports the result of an experiment that was designed to measure the biomagnetic field emanating from two individuals who were practising traditional Oriental Qi Gong breathing exercises. The biomagnetic field was measured with differential coils wound 80,000 turns, a magnetic needle compass and a digital electromagnetic wave detection device.(More)
In orthodontic dentistry for young subjects, it is important to assess the degree of growth of the jaw bones to determine the optimum time for treatment. The structure of the digital joint changes with age, with such changes correlating to the degree of bone growth (including jaw bones). There are two gaps in the digital joint of a young subject, one of(More)
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