Teruki Someya

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  • Teruki Someya
  • IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2003
  • 2003
A large-area pressure sensor matrix has been fabricated on a plastic sheet for the first time, integrating high-quality organic field-effect transistors and rubbery pressure sensors. This pressure sensor demonstrates the feasibility of applying the organic transistor technology to flexible area-sensors, which opens up new applications of organic FETs(More)
Three key requirements for wearable healthcare and biomedicai devices are the mechanical flexibility, the wireless interface, and the energy autonomy, because unobtrusive and maintenance-free devices are needed for the constant monitoring of vital human health data. Previously reported flexible healthcare and biomedicai devices, however, requires wired(More)
Two types of embedded planar power inductors in an organic interposer were developed to establish the package-level DC power grid with tens MHz switching CMOS switch “Point-of-Load” DC-DC converter. One was the Zn-Fe ferrite core planar spiral inductor, and the other had the hybrid core with Zn-Fe ferrite and Carbonyl-iron/epoxy composite(More)
Thin film transistors (TFTs) are playing the critical role in the flexible electronics, and for its fabrication on the polyimide (PI) films it is necessary to fix the PI film on glass wafer and to delaminate the PI film after TFT process. However the current method to bond and debond PI films to glass wafers contains complicated and costly processes. In(More)
A programmable voltage detector (PVD) for the battery management is developed for the first time. In battery management applications, PVD's with fine voltage resolution (<±1% of battery voltage) are required to precisely control the charging and discharging of the battery and to provide a universal voltage detector. The proposed fine(More)
A glitch-free programmable voltage detector is proposed for RF energy harvesting. In energy harvesting applications, ultra-low power (<; 1nW), PVT-variation tolerant, and glitch-free voltage detectors are required to turn on or off the output switch which connects an output capacitor of the energy harvester and the load circuits. The proposed multiple(More)
In this study we succeeded in bonding and debonding polyimide films on glass wafers directly by using Si intermediate layer at room temperature for TFT fabrication. The Si layer was deposited on polyimide films and glass wafers by Ar ion beam sputtering, and then film and wafer ware brought into contact and pressed in high vacuum. The bonding strength can(More)
This article covers investigations on an original, almost fully biodegradable and flexible mechanical switch device fabricated from cellulose composite. The cellulose films, mainly composed of microfibrils, revealed a high surface roughness and poor dielectric properties making them unsuitable substrates for electronic applications. By coating the cellulose(More)