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Immunologic Evaluation of Personalized Peptide Vaccination for Patients with Advanced Malignant Glioma
Purpose: The primary goal of this phase I study was to assess the safety and immunologic responses of personalized peptide vaccination for patients with advanced malignant glioma. ExperimentalExpand
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Beneficial Effects of the Free Radical Scavenger Edaravone (Radicut) in Neurologic Diseases
Free radicals play major roles in the pathogenesis of many diseases, including neurologic diseases, making them an attractive target for therapeutic intervention. Several free radical scavengers haveExpand
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Symptomatic Brainstem Cavernoma of Elderly Patients: Timing and Strategy of Surgical Treatment. Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature.
BACKGROUND Brainstem cavernomas (BSCs) are rare and difficult to treat. The treatment strategy for symptomatic lesions in elderly patients remains unclear. In this review, we discuss the optimalExpand
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Post mortem contrast-enhanced computed tomography in a case of sudden death from acute pulmonary thromboembolism
a 77-year-old woman suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest the day after transvenous embolization of dural ateriovenous fistulae. The patient died despite receiving prompt cardiopulmonary resuscitation.Expand
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Intraoperative Ultrasound Monitoring during Foramen Magnum Decompression
The significance of Intraoperative ultrasound (US) monitoring during foramen magnum decompression (FMD) was studied in five patients. Two of the patients had Chiari type I malformation withExpand
SU-E-I-16: Comparison of the Blue Part of the Spectral Power Distribution in a Medical Liquid-Crystal Display for Different Color Temperature Settings.
PURPOSE The effects of blue light exposure on visual fatigue have received much attention in recent years. There have been attempts to reduce the blue part of the spectral power distribution in aExpand