Teruhisa Komatsu

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We investigate experimentally granular piles exhibiting steady surface flow. Below the surface flow, it has been believed that a "frozen" bulk region exists, but our results show no such frozen bulk. We report here that even the particles in layers deep in the bulk exhibit very slow flow and that such motion can be detected at an arbitrary depth. The mean(More)
Pleistocene glacial oscillations and associated tectonic processes are believed to have influenced the historical abundances and distribution of organisms in the Asia Northwest Pacific (ANP). Accumulating evidence indicates that factors shaping tempospatial population dynamics and distribution patterns of marine taxa vary with biogeographical latitude,(More)
Drifting seaweeds play important ecological roles in offshore waters. Recently, large amounts of drifting seaweed rafts were found in the eastern East China Sea between the continental shelf and the oceanic front of the Kuroshio Current. However, so far there have been no quantitative reports about this particular area. Two research cruises were organized(More)
We study the nonequilibrium steady state realized in a general stochastic system attached to multiple heat baths. Starting from the detailed fluctuation theorem, we derive concise and suggestive expressions for the corresponding stationary distribution which are correct up to the second order in thermodynamic forces. The probability of a microstate eta is(More)
Global warming effects on seaweed beds are already perceptible. Their geographical distributions greatly depend on water temperatures. To predict future geographical distributions of brown alga, Sargassum horneri, forming large beds in the northwestern Pacific, we referred to future monthly surface water temperatures at about 1.1° of longitude and 0.6° of(More)
Recently a novel concise representation of the probability distribution of heat conducting nonequilibrium steady states was derived. The representation is valid to the second order in the “degree of nonequilibrium”, and has a very suggestive form where the effective Hamiltonian is determined by the excess entropy production. Here we extend the(More)
Floating seaweeds play important ecological roles in offshore waters. Recently, large amounts of rafting seaweed have been observed in the East China Sea. In early spring, juveniles of commercially important fish such as yellowtail accompany these seaweed rafts. Because the spatial distributions of seaweed rafts in the spring are poorly understood, research(More)
Starting from microscopic mechanics, we derive thermodynamic relations for heat conducting nonequilibrium steady states. The extended Clausius relation enables one to experimentally determine nonequilibrium entropy to the second order in the heat current. The associated Shannon-like microscopic expression of the entropy is suggestive. When the heat current(More)
We study a class of heat engines including Feynman's ratchet, which exhibits a directed motion of a particle in nonequilibrium steady states maintained by two heat baths. We measure heat transfer from each heat bath separately, and average them using a careful procedure that reveals the nature of the heat transfer associated with directed steps of the(More)