Teruhisa Hochin

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This paper proposes a method for evaluating impressions using a space containing impression words. The impression of an object is specified by circling impression words that match the impression. The degree of matching of the impression is expressed by the darkness of the color used to paint the circled area. This proposed method poses few restrictions to(More)
In order to avoid the problem of mismatch between the questioner and the respondent, we have conducted impression evaluation experiment and nine factors are obtained as a result. Then factor scores of any other statements are tried to be estimated by using multiple regression analysis. This result, however, shows that the estimation accuracy was(More)
This paper tries to clarify various pauses, which are called "Ma" in Japanese, in performances in order to employ them in transmitting traditional skills from the current generation to the next one. Various pauses are tried to be identified from speeches, music pieces, and actions. A tea ceremony, the knitting of wire netting and the Mie of Kabuki(More)
In order to retrieve impressive scenes from life log videos, we propose an emotional scene detection method based on facial expression recognition. Many researches about facial expression recognition focus on discriminating typical facial expressions such as happiness, sadness and surprise. But they are not suitable for life log videos because more(More)
The semantic generalization and the semantic specialization have been proposed. The semantic generalization makes it possible for a shape graph, which corresponds to a relation schema in the relational data model, to have elements by considering the semantics of the elements of the original shape graphs even if there is no common element in the original(More)