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Cell-surface Fcγ receptors mediate innate and adaptive immune responses. Human Fcγ receptor I (hFcγRI) binds IgGs with high affinity and is the only Fcγ receptor that can effectively capture monomeric IgGs. However, the molecular basis of hFcγRI's interaction with Fc has not been determined, limiting our understanding of this major immune receptor. Here we(More)
Human FcγRI (CD64) is an integral membrane glycoprotein functioning as a high-affinity receptor binding to monomeric IgG. In this study, the extracellular region of FcγRI, which is the actual part that interacts with IgG, was expressed as aglycosylated recombinant human FcγRI (rhFcγRI) in Escherichia coli. The soluble form of aglycosylated rhFcγRI was(More)
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