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Genes encoding an aniline dioxygenase of Frateuria sp. ANA-18, which metabolizes aniline via the ortho-cleavage pathway of catechol, were cloned and named tdn genes. The tdn genes were located on the chromosomal DNA of this bacterium and weren't clustered with catechol-degrading gene clusters. These results show that the ANA-18 aniline-degrading gene(More)
A text-dependent speaker recognition method is proposed using trapezoidal fuzzy similarity function to measure the similarity of voice features between a test user and the registered speaker who has nearest distance. The trapezoidal fuzzy similarity function is constructed based on three-time data recorded during enrolment process as personal identification(More)
We observed a rapid decrease in hydrogen sulfide content in the final stage of beer fermentation that was attributed to yeast and not to the purging of carbon dioxide (CO(2)) gas. The well known immature off-flavor in beer due to hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S) behavior during beer fermentation was closely investigated. The H(2)S decrease occurred during the final(More)
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