Teruchika Ishikawa

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To perform comparative studies of CR (clubroot resistance) loci in Brassica oleracea and Brassica rapa and to develop marker-assisted selection in B. oleracea, we constructed a B. oleracea map, including specific markers linked to CR genes of B. rapa. We also analyzed CR-QTLs using the mean phenotypes of F3 progenies from the cross of a resistant(More)
This unit describes synthetic procedures of photoresponsive DNA via a phosphoramidite monomer composed of D-threoninol as a scaffold and 4-carboxy-2',6'-dimethylazobenzene or 4-carboxy-2'-methylazobenzene that works as a photoswitch more efficiently than previous nonmodified azobenzene (4-phenylazobenzoic acid). With these newly modified-azobenzenes,(More)
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