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Overall homogeneity of temperature is a condition for thermal equilibrium, but, as is demonstrated by classical molecular dynamics simulations, the local temperatures of atoms in small, isolated crystalline clusters in microcanonical equilibrium are not uniform. The effective temperature determined from individual atomic velocity decreases with distance(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS In three-dimensional endoscopic ultrasonography (3D-EUS), a surface-rendering method can provide both a surface image and a cross-sectional ultrasonographic image. We evaluated the usefulness of this imaging method for digestive tract lesions. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 30 patients underwent 3D-EUS with surface-rendering(More)
The aim of this paper is twofold: one is to give a detailed description of an alternative graph-based analysis method, which we call saddle connectivity graph, for analyzing the global topography and the dynamical properties of many-dimensional potential-energy landscapes and the other is to give examples of applications of this method in the analysis of(More)
A dynamical model is presented for chiral change in DNA molecules. The model is an extension of the conventional elastic model, which incorporates the structure of base pairs and uses a spinor representation for the DNA configuration together with a gauge principle. Motivated by a recent experiment reporting chiral transitions between right-handed B-DNA and(More)
An approach for measuring effects of policy schemes for improving marine traffic safety at channels is presented. Operational models involving traffic, channel, and ship characteristics are provided, and both collision and channel deviation risks of actual channels are quantified using them. Moreover, traffic control, speed regulation, and center line(More)
We analyze the dynamics of structural transitions between normal right-handed B form and unusual left-handed Z form for a linear DNA molecule. The dynamics under the external torque in physiological buffer is modeled by a Langevin equation, with the potential term given by the authors previously [Phys. Rev. E 84, 021926 (2011)]. With this model, we first(More)
  • T Okushima
  • 2004
We propose a numerical algorithm for computing quantal dynamics, which is tailored for a generic multidimensional model of low-energy dynamics, i.e., polynomially interacting oscillator system. This algorithm evaluates symplectic integrators effectively, by using block tridiagonality of the interaction operator, and thus accurately preserves unitarity with(More)
A mapping called a connectivity graph is proposed to visualize the complicated networks between local minima via saddles on many-dimensional potential energy surfaces. With this mapping, the effect of the topography of a complex potential energy surface on the dynamics is studied in model funnel potentials and a Lennard-Jones cluster. We present strong(More)