Teruaki Arashida

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13C-Labeled curdlans were biosynthesized by Agrobacterium sp. (ATCC 31749) from culture media containing D-(1-13C)glucose, D-(6-13C)glucose, or D-(2-13C)glucose as the carbon source, and their structures were analyzed by 13C NMR spectroscopy. The labeling was mainly found in the original position, that is, C-1, C-6, or C-2, indicating direct polymerization(More)
The most promising applications of IPv6 networks might be to embed any network structure, logically, inside its vast addressing space. We show here some useful examples of such applications as a basic multimedia application of H.323 video conferencing, a method of phone number mapping, personal ID number mapping, machine ID number mapping all in the IPv6(More)
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