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Software CMM has gained wide acceptance in software process improvement, especially in USA, but recently also at the European market. When the chaos is a fact in a software development organization, it is surely wise to initiate a software process improvement program. That is, however, a difficult task to undertake in addition to the normal duties in a(More)
Software Process Improvement (SPI) has become a major topic in the software industry. However, to implement it in an organisation is not an easy task in general. It seems appropriate to talk about SPI paradox: those who need it most have more difficulties in implementing and getting a success, while those who do not really need it, e.g very small(More)
This paper presents a model for software process improvement, intended for small, growing organisations. The publicly available models, e.g. CMM, are not adequate for small organisations. One reason is that the number of roles proposed exceeds the number of employees. Another reason is that the responsibilities and tasks proposed are too many and rigorous,(More)