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Software CMM has gained wide acceptance in software process improvement, especially in USA, but recently also at the European market. When the chaos is a fact in a software development organization, it is surely wise to initiate a software process improvement program. That is, however, a difficult task to undertake in addition to the normal duties in a(More)
Software Process Improvement (SPI) has become a major topic in the software industry. However, to implement it in an organisation is not an easy task in general. It seems appropriate to talk about SPI paradox: those who need it most have more difficulties in implementing and getting a success, while those who do not really need it, e.g very small(More)
This paper serves as a guide for the students admitted to a course, qualiied as a Master's Course, at Stockholm University, department of Computer and Systems Sciences. The goal of the course is to train the students in scientiic work and scientiic writing, intended to result in a Master's thesis. This paper brieey describes the diierent c hoices the(More)
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