Terttu Orci

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Software CMM has gained wide acceptance in software process improvement, especially in USA, but recently also at the European market. When the chaos is a fact in a software development organization, it is surely wise to initiate a software process improvement program. That is, however, a difficult task to undertake in addition to the normal duties in a(More)
Software Process Improvement has gained increasing interest and attention in the software industry. Frameworks such as SW-CMM and ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) have been applied widely. More recently they have also been validated in case studies and surveys. The validation has so far concerned use of CMM in large organisations. Most frameworks are not directly(More)
Software Process Improvement (SPI) has become a major topic in the software industry. However, to implement it in an organisation is not an easy task in general. It seems appropriate to talk about SPI paradox: those who need it most have more difficulties in implementing and getting a success, while those who do not really need it, e.g very small(More)
Software process improvement (SPI) is a current topic in software engineering community. Most organisations, in order to maintain their competitive edge, plan or are in progress to apply SPI with the desired results of predictability in the software development considering time, cost, and quality. SPI effort can take many forms, e.g. it can be based on a(More)
This paper serves as a guide for the students admitted to a course, quali ed as a Master's Course, at Stockholm University, department of Computer and Systems Sciences. The goal of the course is to train the students in scienti c work and scienti c writing, intended to result in a Master's thesis. This paper brie y describes the di erent choices the(More)
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