Terttu Nevalainen

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Many corpus linguists make the tacit assumption that part-of-speech frequencies remain constant during the period of observation. In this article, we will consider two related issues: (1) the reliability of part-of-speech tagging in a diachronic corpus, and (2) shifts in tag ratios over time. The purpose is both to serve the users of the corpus by making(More)
In this paper linguists and researchers of visual data analysis outline the requirements and benefits of an information visualization approach for corpus linguistics. Over the years, the information visualization community has come up with a number of methods to visualize text, but the majority of these techniques do not serve the needs of the linguistic(More)
Digitalization is changing how research is carried out in all areas of science. Humanities is no exception - materials that used to be hand-written or printed on paper are increasingly available in digital form. This development is changing how scholars are interacting with their material. We are addressing the problem of interactive text visualization in(More)
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