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Overexpression of ATP sulfurylase in indian mustard leads to increased selenate uptake, reduction, and tolerance
In earlier studies, the assimilation of selenate by plants appeared to be limited by its reduction, a step that is thought to be mediated by ATP sulfurylase. Here, the Arabidopsis APS1 gene, encodingExpand
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Overexpression of glutathione synthetase in indian mustard enhances cadmium accumulation and tolerance
An important pathway by which plants detoxify heavy metals is through sequestration with heavy-metal-binding peptides called phytochelatins or their precursor, glutathione. To identify limitingExpand
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Rate-limiting steps in selenium assimilation and volatilization by indian mustard
Se can be accumulated by plants and volatilized to dimethylselenide, providing an attractive technology for Se phytoremediation. To determine the rate-limiting steps in Se volatilization fromExpand
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Pacific Rim Population Structure of Sockeye Salmon as Determined from Microsatellite Analysis
—The Pacific Rim population structure of sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka was examined with a survey of microsatellite variation. Variation at 14 microsatellite loci was surveyed for over 48,000Expand
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Feedback inhibition of chlorophyll synthesis in the phytochrome chromophore-deficient aurea and yellow-green-2 mutants of tomato
The aurea (au) and yellow-green-2 (yg-2) mutants of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) are unable to synthesize the linear tetrapyrrole chromophore of phytochrome, resulting in plants with aExpand
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Rhizosphere bacteria enhance selenium accumulation and volatilization by indian mustard
Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) accumulates high tissue Se concentrations and volatilizes Se in relatively nontoxic forms, such as dimethylselenide. This study showed that the presence ofExpand
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What You Need to Know about Selenium
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Zircon ( UTh ) / He thermochronometry : He diffusion and comparisons with 40 Ar / 39 Ar dating
(U-Th)/He chronometry of zircon has a wide range of potential applications including thermochronometry, provided the temperature sensitivity (e.g., closure temperature) of the system be accuratelyExpand
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