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This study is a review of the psychiatric and neurological effects of solvent inhalation on a group of 22 patients with chronic histories of solvent abuse, primarily toluene-based solvents. The findings suggest that the chronic inhalation of toluene-based adhesives can produce a paranoid psychosis which may persist. Other findings were a high incidence of(More)
The occurrence of a transient neurogenic stutter in a male anorexic patient is described. The stutter developed following a prolonged period of starvation, and during refeeding the patient recovered from the stuttering behavior. The patient was not receiving any drugs known to cause stuttering, and it is postulated that the stutter developed as a result of(More)
The case of a patient who developed a severe hypotensive reaction with a persistent hemianaesthesia following the addition of lithium carbonate to her treatment regimen is described. The patient had been receiving chlorpromazine therapy for the management of hypomania and the addition of lithium carbonate to the chlorpromazine produced a severe hypotensive(More)