Terry W Hill

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In a previous report, Youngentob et al. (8) described a new and substantially different type of animal psychophysical procedure in which rats were trained to differentially report (i.e., identify) five different odorants. The present study confirms and extends the usefulness of the cross-modal association paradigm as an effective means for developing an(More)
Aspergillus fumigatus is a life-threatening and increasingly frequent pathogen of the immunocompromised. Like other filamentous fungi A. fumigatus grows in a highly polar manner, adding new cell wall to the apical region of hyphae. mAbs were raised against isolated A. fumigatus cell walls. Fifteen antibodies bound reproducibly to isolated cell walls in(More)
A real-time Automated Computerized Rat Eater Meter was developed by modifying commercially available metabolic cages. Food access via a feeding tunnel was monitored by photocells. Food consumption was measured by an electronic scale. The signals thus generated were processed by a computer. This allowed us to continuously measure the spontaneous feeding(More)
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