Terry Smith

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STUDY OBJECTIVE Subjective and objective assessments of sleep may be discrepant due to sleep misperception and measurement effects, the latter of which may change the quality and quantity of a person's usual sleep. This study compared sleep times from polysomnography (PSG) with self-reports of habitual sleep and sleep estimated on the morning after a PSG in(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies in children have demonstrated that frequent occurrence of parasomnias is related to increased sleep disruption, mental disorders, physical harm, sleep disordered breathing, and parental duress. Although there have been several cross-sectional and clinical studies of parasomnias in children, there have been no large,(More)
This paper presents a learner-centered model for designing e-learning assignments/activities within e-learning environments. The model is based on constructivism learning theory. The model includes two categories-the learning design elements (comprised of fundamental design elements and collaborative elements) and the learning assessment elements(More)
ii This page intentionally left blank. iii Foreword Following the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, federal, state, and municipal health and environmental agencies initiated numerous studies to assess environmental conditions in the area. A multi-agency task force was specifically formed to evaluate indoor environments for the(More)
Executive Summary This paper attempts to present a model for designing an IT undergraduate program that is based on the recommendations of the Association for Computer Machinery/ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Information Technology (ACM/IEEE – IT) Curriculum Model. The main intent is to use the ACM/IEEE – IT Curriculum Model's(More)
Ultra-wideband (UWB) systems that radiate very high-level transient waveforms and exhibit operating bandwidths of over two decades are now i n demand for a number of applications. Such systems are known to radiate impulse-like waveforms with risetimes around 100 picoseconds (ps) and peak electric field values of 10s of kV/m. Such waveforms, if properly(More)
Biochar's high porosity and negative surface charge allows for numerous soil and plant benefits such as increased water retention, high nutrient availability, and plant growth. By analysing biochar's effect of all of these factors, a system can be put in place in which soils can be remediated with the proper soil amendments. This report discusses and tests(More)
AbstRACt One of medicine's open secrets is that patients routinely refuse or demand medical treatment based on the assigned physician's racial identity, and hospitals typically yield to patients' racial preferences. This widely practiced, if rarely acknowledged, phenomenon— about which there is new empirical evidence—poses a fundamental dilemma for law,(More)
Anecdotal data are currently the best data available to describe baseline conditions of beached oil tar balls on Florida's First Coast beaches. This study combines field methods and numerical modeling to define a data-driven knowledge base of oil tar ball baseline conditions. Outcomes from the field study include an established methodology for field data(More)