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This article examines the risk of false memories induced by psychotherapy with special regard to sexual abuse. Current psychological constructs based on depth psychology are reviewed critically. The multitude of psychological disorders connected with sexual abuse in recent time and a subjectivistic misunderstanding of empathy frequently lead sometimes to(More)
Intolerance reaction of the skin refers to multiple reaction patterns, including toxic, allergic, pseudo-allergic and even psychiatric mechanisms. In our case, a patient was diagnosed for years as having "multiple allergies", but except for a documented contact allergy to a local anesthetic, her underlying disease was panic disorder with multiple phobias.(More)
Sialic acid is an acute phase reagent with tumour burden reflecting fluctuations of serum level. The parameter is unsuitable for an early recognition of cancer. Sialic acid could be used as a parameter in questions concerning tumour burden: the diagnosis of tumour stage, the control of growth after therapy, the prediction of recidivation. The small(More)
Archaeological data collection is based on the description of archaeological contexts. An archaeological excavation demolishes the original matrix within which the cultural material is found and special care is taken to record spatial context. Each artifact is described in terms of its physical and spatial properties as well as its relation to the matrix(More)
The effectiveness of concurrent psychotherapeutic treatment for various skin diseases can be regarded as sufficiently validated. Contributions on in-patient treatment concepts are rare, and there are up to now no reports on methods integrating psychotherapeutic treatment approaches. Our concept of a 4-week short-term psychotherapy-starting from a conflict(More)
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