Terry Rickard

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We removed the fracture fragment from fifty-nine patients who had an isolated fracture of the hook of the hamate. Preoperatively, all had complained of pain and tenderness on the ulnar side of the palm or on the dorsal ulnar aspect of the wrist. Most fractures were thought to have occurred while the patient was swinging a racquet, golf club, or baseball(More)
Of 151 ununited fractures of the scaphoid that were treated with iliac bone grafts and Kirschner-wire fixation through a volar approach, all but four (97 per cent) healed in an average of seventeen weeks, Three of the four failures resulted from obvious technical errors. Neither the preoperative existence of necrosis of the proximal fragment nor the(More)
A study of the long-term results after operation on 66 women (83 hands) with Dupuytren's disease showed that women are twice as likely as men to have a postoperative flare reaction. Why a flare reaction develops is uncertain. In this study, patients who had a carpal tunnel release at the time of operation for treatment of Dupuytren's disease or those who(More)
In adults, when flexor tendons cannot be repaired until weeks or months after injury or when tendons have ruptured and part of the tendon is nonviable, it is often inadvisable to suture the tendon ends together. When a primary repair has failed, when there has been a delay in tendon reconstruction to allow skin coverage or joint mobilization, or when repair(More)
New analytical and simulation results describing the performance of an adaptive detection processor for narrowband signals are given. The simulation results compare the detection performance of the adaptive processor with an incoherently averaged , magnitude-squared FFT processor for a class of non-stationary input noise. An analytical derivation of the(More)
A case of isolated thenar numbness, with an associated painful palmar wrist mass is presented. At operation, a palmar wrist ganglion compressing the palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve was encountered. After ganglion excision the numbness in the palm was relieved, and there was no recurrence at 6 years follow-up.
Resectional arthroplasty with interposition of a rolled tendon spacer was used to treat posttraumatic arthritis of the fifth metacarpal-hamate joint in eight patients. The average follow-up was 5 years. All of the patients subjectively rated the functional capability and the cosmetic appearance of their hands as good or excellent. After operation, there was(More)
Replantation of amputated rat feet utilizing an efferent arteriovenous shunt constructed between the distal posterior tibial artery and the proximal posterior tibial vein, in the absence of all other venous drainage, provides an alternative pathway to the normal venous drainage in a replanted rat foot. However, this substitute venous drainage was(More)