Terry R Thompson

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—Stringent federal and state programs along with technology innovation have resulted in declining emissions from static sources (e.g. power plants) and are projected to meet national quality standards by 2025. The same cannot be said for mobile sources of emissions from flight operations at airports. In the absence changes in airport operations, the(More)
PET semi-quantitative methods such as relative uptake value can be robust but offer no biological information and do not account for intra-subject variability in tracer administration or clearance. Simultaneous multimodal measurements that combine PET and MRI not only permit crucial multiparametric measurements, it provides means of applying tracer kinetic(More)
10 ml of saline, vortexing the mixture for several seconds, and then following standard selective plating protocol. The second plate was used for propagating the community (that is, for pressing on the velvet after the next day's growth). The third plate was photographed (see Fig. 3). The Mixed Plate environment was identical to the Static Plate environment(More)
A search area of a crime scene to recover trans-dermal artefacts (here, earrings) was conducted using 12 pig carcasses, of various sizes, with pierced ears; 6 were buried and 6 deposited on the surface in a wooded area. After 28 months, the remains were excavated and recovered, and the final location of the earrings recorded. The furthest recorded earring(More)
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