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* Limit of Blank (LoB), Limit of Detection (LoD), and Limit of Quantitation (LoQ) are terms used to describe the smallest concentration of a measurand that can be reliably measured by an analytical procedure. * LoB is the highest apparent analyte concentration expected to be found when replicates of a blank sample containing no analyte are tested. LoB =(More)
Malic enzyme (ME) from pigeon liver is a tetrameric protein containing apparently identical subunits. In the present study, equilibrium dialysis and fluorescence titration techniques are employed to determine the binding parameters of nucleotide cofactors, malate, and the inhibitor oxalate. ME binds NADP+ or NADPH at four independent and equivalent sites(More)
High purity fatty acid synthetase mRNA has been prepared from rat liver. The translational purity of the mRNA preparation was at least 27% as judged by the percentage of the radioactivity incorporated into acid-insoluble material that was precipitated by anti-fatty acid synthetase antibody. The specific activity of the mRNA was 220-times greater than that(More)
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