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Eleven patients with DSM-III-R schizophrenia were entered into a 4-day tryptophan (TRP)-deficient diet. The diet lowered total plasma TRP levels in all patients; during the diet phase, there was a greater than 50% reduction in mean total plasma TRP levels from the pre-diet phase. The low-TRP diet improved performance on the Stroop Color and Word Test. These(More)
The advent of improved digital imaging modalities in diagnostic and therapy is fast making conventional films a nonexistent entity. However, several radiotherapy centers still persist with film for performing quality assurance (QA) tests. This paper investigates the feasibility of using a diagnostic computed radiography (CR) system as a QA tool in(More)
BACKGROUND Enteric illness arising from contaminated water and food is a major health concern worldwide, and tracking the incidences and severity of outbreaks is still a challenging task. Most developed and developing countries have administrative databases for medical visits and services maintained by the government and/or health insurance authorities.(More)
Myopathy resembling nutritional muscular dystrophy occurred in a colony of 150 guinea pigs. Of 54 animals affected, 27 died. Major clinical signs were depression, conjunctivitis, and reluctance to move. Lesions were widespread throughout skeletal and cardiac musculature. Clinical signs and deaths ceased when the diet was changed to a different commercial(More)
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