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This is an important book. On the surface, it is a survey and summary of work related to a major computational linguistics effort-the Penman project at the University of Southern California. Beneath the specific title and the apparently narrow subject matter , however, lies a general point about the field of computational linguistics: many important aspects(More)
As organizations become ever more dependent on networked operations, they are increasingly vulnerable to attack by a variety of attackers, including criminals, terrorists and nation states using cyber attacks. New malware attacks, including viruses, Trojans, and worms, are constantly and rapidly emerging threats. However, attackers often reuse code and(More)
ion, the benefits of compile-time error detection will become more important as grammars become larger. The use of an object-oriented programming language has improved system performance by exploiting efficient built-in mechanisms for manipulating classification hierarchies. C++ is particularly strong 22 ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ passed as parameters(More)