Terry Patten

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This is an important book. On the surface, it is a survey and summary of work related to a major computational linguistics effort--the Penman project at the University of Southern California. Beneath the specific title and the apparently narrow subject matter, however, lies a general point about the field of computational linguistics: many important aspects(More)
As organizations become ever more dependent on networked operations, they are increasingly vulnerable to attack by a variety of attackers, including criminals, terrorists and nation states using cyber attacks. New malware attacks, including viruses, Trojans, and worms, are constantly and rapidly emerging threats. However, attackers often reuse code and(More)
Artificial intelligence methods have often been applied to perform specific functions or tasks in the cyber– defense realm. However, as adversary methods become more complex and difficult to divine, piecemeal efforts to understand cyber–attacks, and malware–based attacks in particular, are not providing sufficient means for malware analysts to understand(More)
A walk-in centre opened in Liverpool in April 2000 is now seeing more than 3,000 patients a month. Many patients use the service for emergencies. More than half those attending do not need referral elsewhere. Initial wariness on the part of local GPs to the project seems to have been largely overcome. The centre opens at 7 am but there is often a peak in(More)
Our long-term goal is to test the feasibility of basing a recognition system on a model of human speech processing. Key hypotheses are: (1) Computational models for reasoning from incomplete knowledge provide a useful metaphor for many aspects of human speech understanding even at levels where highly automatic perceptual processes are at work; (2) A(More)